First of all, I would like to start by saying that the French hanger is a medical aesthetic method. In medical aesthetic procedures, even if the procedures on your face regress, they do not leave a deformity behind. On the contrary, it provides rejuvenation of the skin and increased skin quality thanks to the mechanisms it creates and operates.

The hanger system is used to ensure that the face is lifted, which means stretched. Depending on the need, non-surgical facelift procedures such as neck lifts, eyebrow lifts and cheek lifts can be performed. As a result, the French hanger method has an effect on facial expressions by stretching the skin and opening the wrinkles where the thread passes. However, it does not completely eliminate skin mimics such as botox or completely open wrinkles such as skin vaccines. The French hanger has a serrated and accordion structure. These threads create a colon effect on your skin. Your facial architecture is even more prominent. Collagen and textures produced by your skin surround the hangers, allowing you to maintain your appearance even if the effect of the hanger passes.

To Whom Can the French hanger be Applied?
French applications can actually be applied to almost everyone after the age of 12. Such methods can be used to make people who have facial anomalies feel better at an early age and to solve their problems. We have patients between the ages of 12 and 80-90. Here, the patient’s needs determine the method and applicability. I recommend that patients who will gain and lose weight should prefer hangers before losing weight. Thus, after losing weight, no sagging or deformation develops on the skin.

What affects the results of the French hanger method?
The success of the French hanger method is greatly affected by the anatomical structure of the skin. If a patient needs the hanger method, it is already observed that the fat in the lower tissues disappears. It is necessary to place some roofs at the points where the patient experiences a decrease or loss of adipose tissue. Because lost tissue will be more visible in the stretched face. Combined treatment with filling procedures can be applied to patients with a severely low-fat ratio.

Is there a wavy appearance on the skin after the French hanger?
There’s no wavy appearance after a French hanger. This is something that I particularly care about. However, it is normal that there is a collapse at the points where the hanger is thrown. This image disappears completely after 3 days. If an appearance occurs that disturbs us, I immediately intervene and fix the problem with bone filling.

Do we feel the hangers after the procedure?
You can feel the hangers in the areas where the procedure is performed for the first week or 10 days after the French hanger application. This will not cause you any pain or aches. Within 10 days, your skin will produce tissue and collagen on its own, wrapping around the thread and preventing it from being felt. Mesotherapy or satin filling can be performed to screen those areas to reduce the complaints of patients who are uncomfortable with this feeling.

How Long Does a French Hanger last?
The duration of use of the French hanger is 4-5 years. However, we can intervene when necessary without having to wait 4-5 years for the thread to vanish. After the French hanger procedure loses its effect, no sagging occurs on the skin. You’d just go back to how you were before your operation.

How is eyebrow lift performed using the French hanger method?
While lifting eyebrows with French hangers; As Masterclass physicians, we look at eyelids, not eyebrows. Eyebrows are something that can be removed and changed. For this reason, what we care about is your eyelid sagging, asymmetry, and asymmetries at the end and beginning points of the eyes. By looking at the muscle ratios on your face and the position of the bones, we determine the points where we will throw the hanger and start the process accordingly. It is very important for us to ensure the symmetry of both eyes. We control the structures around the eyes and develop a protocol accordingly.

Can non-surgical almond eye aesthetics be performed with the French hanger method?
Non-surgical almond eye aesthetics is a method that can be easily obtained with a French hanger. The important thing here is the clarity of the ‘almond eye’ effect that the person wants. The number of hangers to be applied in the method and the angle of placement of the hangers shall be accordingly. It can also be supported by methods such as the plasma jet laser method to obtain clearer results.

Can any swelling or enlargement be observed after the French hanger is applied to the cheeks?
No. Applications such as French hangers always make the face look more ‘slim-fit’. After the French hanger, your cheek looks lifted, thin and stretched. Patients with plump cheeks get better results from French hanger procedures. Very good results can be obtained in a procedure in patients with full cheeks since the stretched face will not require any middle face filling.

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