Hollywood botox is a treatment preferred by those who do not want to experience significant facial mimic loss, want to look naive, have a more active face structure instead of looking frozen, but do not want specific wrinkles. Celebrities who have botox prefer this application because it provides freshness while still allowing for mimics.

The difference of Hollywood Botox lies right here. Botox can be performed between the eyebrows, but your eyebrows can still move slightly. It is a wrinkle treatment in which the side brows lift slightly and the cheeks do not appear very round when we smile. Similarly, the bunny nose reduces above-the-nose wrinkles and, if necessary, keeps the tip of the nose from falling down while speaking. Botox can also be performed around the eyes. This is a design, actually, and we plan according to the needs and wishes of the patient. Because each patient’s wishes and needs are unique, personal planning can yield extremely good results.

There’s the expression called ”botoxed”, as you may have heard, and that’s the great benefit of Hollywood Botox. It excludes the expression of ”botoxed” while providing an extremely fresh appearance.

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