Sagging problems due to age progression and many reasons are supported by facial fillers that nourish the skin and muscle tissue, preventing a sagging skin appearance. Even if the facial filler melts over time, the person has a better quality skin appearance because it increases collagen and renews the skin. Anesthesia cream is applied to the patient 15-20 minutes before all filling procedures, along with ice and a comfortable procedure. The procedure takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and produces an immediate result.

Cheek Bone Filling

Midfacelifting to the cheekbones is  one of the most necessary fillers for every face to have more dynamic facial contours, allowing it to relax in its nasolabial lines without ovalizing the face. It immediately eliminates the depressed, sad and tired appearance of the face and replaces it with a fresh young face.

Nasolabial Lines

It is a wrinkle problem starting from the wing of the nose and descending to the corners of the lips. This appearance, which occurs at the edges of the mouth and causes collapse, makes the person look much older, tired and quite far from the aesthetic appearance. These lines, which can not be completely removed by applying makeup, are injected under the skin and then, by creating an increase in collagen in the area where they are applied, they renew the skin and provide a healthy appearance. Nasolabial filling, which is one of the most preferred areas among the facial fillings, provides a healthy and young appearance.

Marionette Lines

In the holistic anatomy of the human body, the most active part of the face is the mouth and its surroundings. Therefore, deformations in that area are also more common. It is one of the most compulsory procedures since there is a volume loss in this area with aging. Typically, the procedures to be performed to remove the Marionette lines are performed after waiting for 15-20 minutes under local anesthesia.

Temple Filling

Temples play an important role in facial symmetry. Over time, the collapse in this area disrupts facial symmetry and gives the face an unhealthy appearance. The purpose of filling this area is only to replace the lost volume. Thus, the bony image on the face disappears. The continuity between the temple cavity and the cheekbone is ensured. After the skin is anesthetized with local anesthetic creams, the dermal filling is injected into the temples with a thin needle or cannula.

Nose Filling

Nose filling is a non-surgical rhinoplasty. The deformities in the nasal area are shaped with hyaluronic acid  and an aesthetic appearance is provided without surgery. These deformities may include nasal hump, curvature, looseness, tissue loss, postoperative correction and many other problems. With this method, which is very simple, painless and fast to apply, problems such as prominent nasal hump, looseness of the nose, etc. are prevented.

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The most important thing you should pay attention to when making fillings is to get consultancy from someone who is an expert in his/her field. Although fillers are temporary substances, they can worsen the appearance in the area when applied excessively or incorrectly. Fillers have different durations of permanence according to their structure.These processes can be reversed because they can be intervened and melted after incorrect applications.The fact that filling procedures are one of the procedures that can be reversed makes it one of the most preferred medical aesthetic applications.

You may experience some swelling or bruising depending on where the filling is injected. However, these effects do not appear in most people, even if they do, they disappear within 2-3 days. Depending on the area injected and the type of filling you receive, you can expect your hyaluronic acid fillers to last 12-15 months, and 20-24 months for calcium hydroxyapatite fillings, also known as bone fillers, which are commonly used in bone areas and are preferred because they are long-lasting. Bone fillings are anti-aging fillers that have been used in areas such as the cheek, temple, hand, and jaw for many years. While bone fillers support the production of collagen in the region, they also provide a tightening and lifting in the region.The difference between a bone filling and other fillings is that it is made of a substance found in bone, and its permanence is longer.

Fillers can be applied to anyone after the age of 12. Treatment can be performed under family supervision before the age of 18. People can postpone medical aesthetic procedures until after birth because there should be no risk during pregnancy.

There are a few important things to pay attention to after you have a filling. For example, if you press too hard on the area before the filling has been integrated into the tissue, the filling may move beneath the skin, causing us to move away from the desired appearance. You should not massage your skin right after filling it, lie on it, be in extremely hot environments, participate in strenuous sports, or consume alcohol.

drink alcohol.

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